I like making things!

The short story is that I've been creating jewelry for many years. I owned a bead store in Tucson, AZ, in the 90s. It was there that I developed a passion for helping others to create.

I offered products I loved and was passionate about, always looking for ways to inspire others to create things. I had renowned artists come teach their techniques in the shop. Everything was about finding the ideas, the inspiration and the materials that would culminate in extraordinary designs and jewelry.

I keep searching out and adding more items all the time. I choose items that spoil me. I want to be spoiled in some way, because of their quality, their beauty and their price.

And I strive to spoil my customers in the same way. That's why I only offer items I'm passionate about, items that make me want to create and that release an endless flow of ideas.

Share this passion with me! There's nothing like it.

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